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1. This is mainly technology blog. So if you want to publish the blog, the post related to the technology is must be got more response.

2. Serial, crack, keygen etc. can not be released directly on any software. However, links can be provided or linked to any other sharing sites if needed. However, if the authorities concerned link it, it will be removed. Crate, kayzene etc. should share the file with the link Scanning and linking it to its report.

3. Any other author / blog’s post / articles can not be copied and published in your own name. However, the text can be published by mentioning the original author’s name and the previously published link.

4. Other blog’s or private blog’s link address can not given for reading partial post by See more . Here we have to write the whole.

5. No link can be given for the purpose of earning money. Short link with ad or affiliate advertisements and affiliate link can not be used.

6. Personal mobile / telephone number / email address can not be published. No email / link can be given in personal email.

7. False, irrelevant, obscene, harmful to others or breaking a copyright law can not be revealed. If you want to publish any news related to technology or others, you will need to publish it with reliable media.

8. Links to porn sites or photos / videos can not be published.

9. In the comments of the post, insulting, indecent, degrading, provocative, indecent or objectionable words / sentences can not be published.

10. The purpose of the campaign can not be written in different ways with different elements of the same site.

11. Some articles that do harm or damage any person / blog / website / group / organization or religion can not be published.

12. The writer / reader must answer / comment respecting each other.

13. No link can be given for the purpose of writing or commenting on any web site.

14. Online earnings must be accurate and logical. However, the collection of referral, the purpose of forming or working for a team, or any type of writing can not be published for business purposes.

15. TricksHuN.Co authority reserves the right to exclude or includes published text if the articles is not standard.

16. Avoid giving any links to the offending post, the visitors who visit the link in the post will be annoyed. Avoid those links. Try downloading links that visitors can download easily from the download link.

17. When writing a post, you will need to write more about the main topic. Post related photos, videos should be given.

All novels and senior writers of TricksHuN.Co are encouraged to post basic, quality. Therefore, no tune is suspended without violating the TricksHuN.Co policy. But it will be postponed immediately after many unpleasant posts.

So before posting, know and understand the TricksHuN.Co’s principles.

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